Easily identify neurites and track their growth

Dr. Cecilia Rocha de Souza (McGill University, Canada) while studying cytoskeleton polymerization

“Thanks to Ananda Devices, I was able to clearly identify and follow neurite growth in hippocampal cultures for 15 days in vitro. The neuronal culture was healthy and responsive. Using Ananda’s microfluidic devices made it easy to compare results among different neuronal cultures as they are much more similar than with regular culture plates.”

Identification of neurites and tracking of their growth in a study of cytoskeleton polymerization with hippocampal neuronal cultures for 15 days in vitro.

15 days rat hippocampal neurons labeled for monoglutamylated tubulin in green, polyglutamylated tubulin in magenta, and nuclei in blue.

Courtesy of Dr. Cecilia Rocha de Souza.

Identifying neurites

Regular culture plates allowed the long-term survival of neurons, but not the consistent identification of neurites. Other commercially available microfluidic devices did not allow cell survival and maintenance of healthy neuronal cultures for more than 1 week.

Tracking neurite growth over several weeks

Dr. Cecilia Rocha de Souza’s research required the observation of neurite growth over several weeks in vitro.